Below is a list of the services we offer at our St Albans opticians office:

  • Free Sight Test For all Residents over 60 Years of age and who qualify.
  • Email & SMS notifications of Appointments.
  • Optical Care Plan for each Client.
  • Free Spectacles for Clients on Income Support and who qualify.
  • Eye examination in your own home or common room in or near St Albans.
  • Private Glasses from £69.00 including frames.
  • Bifocals & Varifocals including frames from £90.00.
  • Detailed two-part vision report including spare copy for relatives.
  • Glasses professionally fitted by a St Albans Optician.
  • Online Access to patient details & records.
  • Detailed Emergency Referral Service.
  • Emergency Replacement Glasses Service.
  • Routine Glaucoma Testing.
  • Opticians experienced with elderly and disabled clients.
  • 40% Discount on all second pairs ordered on private purchases.
  • All spectacles labelled with client’s name, date and function (if required).
  • We provide an onsite spectacle service using the Style Eyes spectacle frame solution, all other glazed spectacles are usually supplied within 5 days.
  • We provide contact lenses across the range of available lenses details in our St Albans store



Eye glasses on a test chart

We're using latest technology for eyesight test

Let us make the most fitting glasses for you