Ray-Ban – Clubmaster Feature

rayban Clubmaster frames

As seen recently on Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Justin Timberlake, & Robert Pattinson, the infamous browline of the Ray-Ban ‘Clubmaster’ always catches the eye. Created and popularised in the 1980’s; but with a style borne of the 1950’s & 60’s, the shape of the frames has consistently been held as an iconic style ever since.

From 1998 onwards, the Clubmaster became a new staple of Hollywood – being seen in such films as ‘JFK’, ‘Malcolm-X’, and being worn by popular musicians such as Morrissey and Michael Jackson. More recently, the style has also been featured in ‘Mad Men’, ‘The Man from UNCLE’, ‘Entourage’ & The new ‘Fantastic Four’; showing that Ray-Ban’s classic style has never been more popular.

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